Diary Of My Seaman
2001-10-08 01:54:29 (UTC)

Seaman Project: Day 1

Seaman arrived in the post today at 8:16am, as soon as i
got it, i slammed it into my dreamcast and delved into the
strange world of Seaman. I was greeted by Spock(Dude from
Star Trek) and he told me all about Seaman, and what to do.
I arrived in the laboratory to find a dark, dirty tank. So
i turned on the lights, pumped some Oxygen into the tank
and turned on the heater. Ahh this is much better now..i
thought to myself. So then i went into the storage
container and grabbed the only Seaman Egg that was there, i
dropped it into the nice clean tank and waited...and
waited...and waited until finally, 8 mushroomers appeared,
these mushroomers are very strange creatures indeed...a
white bulb with one eye and a little tail. They just
floated around for a while, doing sumersaults until they
drifted past the Naultilus, which is sorta like a squid in
a shell. The Naultilus then proceeded to eat 4 of my little
Mushroomers! I was pretty shocked and i thought that i had
failed already, but to my suprise, a little while later the
Nautilus started to spaz out and shoot ink everywhere, then
it came out of its shell and started dancing around,
shooting out blood and ink, and then, *POOF* out popped 4
little fish, with mens, these things are
strange! Me being curious and all, picked one of the little
fellows up and studied it, then it began to laugh! so i
dropped him/her back into the tank and let it swim off. I
tried to talk to one of them, but it just sorta spat out
some baby talk. i dropped in a little food pellet, turned
up the heat and oxygen and let me little Seaman rest for a
while. Until later, Goobye Seaman!