2001-10-08 01:54:03 (UTC)


I really can't imagine life without my baby!! I really love
him but everything seems so strange lately. He's been
grounded and my 16th birthday was the first so he wasn't
supposed to be able to go to my party but today I found out
that he went to a concert. It really hurt my feelings but I
just played it off like it was nothing. I can't believe he
did that. I did have fun yesterday with my friends but I
couldn't stop thinking of Aaron (my b/f). I kept wondering
what he was doing, and really he was having more fun
without me and he could've been with me if he would've
called. I'm about to give up. My dad watched the football
game instead of going to my b-day party. It's ok though he
can do whatever he wants. Aaron was the one I trusted to be
there and I was upset because he was grounded and then he
wasn't so it was even worse...he conciously decided not to
be with me for my party. Oh well I should get over it
right? I talked to him for 5 minutes today. Well I
g2g.....bye!! K