my name?

my boring life
2001-10-08 01:49:42 (UTC)

buncha shit

Friday was really fun me sam britt and casey all went to
the mall it was real cool. Casey seemed to know everyone
there...i mean everyone! Sam n i got plad pants and i gotta
shirt...we saw abby and rob n all them there so that was
cool. I dont think abby n all them like me to much....i
dont know why i think that i just do, maybe im
parinoid...who knows or cares. Im so glad theres no school
tomorrow, i need to sleep in..... i went to the mall again
on saturday to exchange my pants but htats about all i
did... then today i just hung around with Kelly...shes so
funny...god im bored im only talking to kelly my girl from
litchy and sarah...thats ALL ahh im bored im gonna stop
written cuz i got nothing good to say..

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