Romance of Daisy and Gatsby
2001-10-08 01:43:25 (UTC)

My Fair Lady

Last night i was Lana Turner. And Daisy of course. It just
depends on how you look at it.
It was "The Big Dance". I had the dress, the hair, the
makeup, the coat, the purse, the shoes, and the goofy date.
I really like my boyfriend, but he's so embarassing to
dance with. anyways, i really looked like Lana Turner last
night, it was so nice.
We went out to dinner, and got in more arguments because we
don't agree about anything. And then we got pictures and my
nightmare started.
For me dancing means everything. I was born to dance. But
him? I thought i would die from embarassment. He has no
rythym and he's too tall. I got to dance with Abs a little,
that was fun, and Billy.
Ah Billy, what would i do without you?
The music was horrible, i wish they had played Safety Dance
(I miss you Spitz!) or some cool 80's songs. Everyone
looked great.
I love how now that we're seniors we don't follow the trend
anymore, everyone looked original and gorgeous. I actually
talked to my old friends, i miss them sometimes. only
I saw Nick and Shawn today, yay! I miss them. They started
a band, they think they're so cool. They kind of are. And
Shawn is such a little hottie!
You've probably noticed I'm not writing my usual Anias Nin
style, but that's just because I have not been smoking. I
promise you I'll try to write better.
Anyways, I'm currently reading the Martians Chronicles, and
I just finished Gatsby. I'm still hoping for some sign that
I am Zelda Fitzgerald reincarnated. Maybe my looking so
Paris 20's yesterday is a sign. I just hope i was someone
wonderful in the 20's, because that's when i should have
been born. Sex, opium, and writing, i much prefer that to
sex drugs and rock'n'roll.

"Who's to say I'm from the past and you're from the
present?" - Ray Bradbury