The Alias Files
2001-10-08 01:41:21 (UTC)

Some Things Will Never Be (Part II)

Saturday, September 6, 2001

I called my new friend this morning. Someone called and
hung up by the time I picked up the phone, and I strangely
thought it was him. It wasn't but we got into a
conversation any way. He's quite fun and intersting. I
have this feeling that I can be open, straight forward and
real with him. I feel like I can actually say and do what
I'm thinking around him. (That scares the heck out of
me.) I asked him a question from The Book of If..., and
the question reads:

If you could kiss, but only kiss, one person that you
know anytime you wanted, who would it be?

He said it would be me, because he wanted to know how I
kissed. Then he asked me the same question. I said that
it wouldn't be him, because I didn't just want to kiss
him. However, for the sake of answering the question, I
said him because he's attractive, cool and nice. It's
funny because we clicked so well, but he has a girlfriend.
Then he asked what attracted me to him. He said it in an
alias style like he was asking for someone else. (What
attracts you to the person that was your answer in the
previous question?) Well, he has nice skin and I'm really
feeling the dreads completely, but his personality is what
takes the cake.

He said that he was attracted to my ears and my dimples.
He said that my skin complection was beautiful. (BLUSH) He
said that my personality was carasmatic, yet sassy and it
was sexy in a way. (BLUSH, BLUSH, BLUSH) In the meantime
I'm thinking, wow he's great, but he has a girlfriend. He
is the type of guy that's definitely a keeper.

We talked later on that night and I just came out and said
that I was attracted to him and that it really sucks that
he has a girlfriend, because I would love to go out with
him. Then to my surprise he said that the feeling was
mutual. (I was really shocked that he said that.)

But honestly it does suck and I should have known, because
things like this don't happen to me. Rarely do I get any
guys, let alone the good guys. It's just my luck that I
meet a really cool guy, but he has a girlfriend that he's
in love with.

Which brings me to say, some things will never be... or
will they? Things happen for a reason and if certain
things are meant to be, then they will happen on their
own. That's why time is the most horrible and the most
wonderful thing. It's horrible because it's slow, but it's
wonderful because it's always there. (If that makes sense
to anyone.)