Not So Pretty

burn out
2001-10-08 01:29:47 (UTC)


that was fun, I was just reading my last entery thingy that
I just submitted like 3 minutes ago.... that was quite sad.
I have pity on my soul. Oh well I'm talking to Muffin right
now, if ya don't know who Muffin is I'll tell ya then....
he's my lil friend and he's like... really kewl and
everything. but he's kinda... possesive over me. but
that's okay, I don't mind, I just kinda.... sit here. but a
good thing about him is that he loves beauty... I don't see
how he found beauty in me, but he did. Hmm...... let's
see... I guess I'll tell ya about Jason then too... see I
like Jason right? and it's realy shitty cuz I'm too scared
to tell him that. I hope I someday get the balls enough to
tell him... cuz ya never know, maybe he likes me? hahahaha,
right Jecka...sure. hmm... we went to war today... I find
that quite disturbing, I just want someone here for me, but
that'll never happen. I'm gonna die lonely, and live
lonely. I don't know which one is worse though. I guess you
and me will just have to ponder that alone then. uhh... can
I sing another system of a down song? well to bad bitch! I
don't care... I'm gonna anywayz...

Eating seeds is a passtime activity, the toxicity of our
city, of our city!!!

well that was special... ahhhhhh! Jason! I wanna talk to
you. you smelly little hoe. wow, I'm shocked that I put
that, for all of you nice scary little people to see. but
yeah.. he's kewl, and that's why he's smelly, I just wish
that I could talk to him now... that would make me really
happy right now actually. *sigh* I dunno what's wrong with
me..... I think I have this thing for guys with their name
beginning in J like let's look at a short list here......
1)James 2)Jon 3)Jeremy 4)Josh ad now.... 5)Jason... see?
scary isn't it? I know I know... but oh well, I'm sure I'll
get over it..... let's see.... my cat had kittens
yesterday! YAY! but then they all died but one... and it's
white....... but um... the momma cat (DOT) bit the front
legs off of one of her kittens..... what a nice way to go
huh? well... I gotta go now..... this black and white is
just not going good in my mind.... it's giving me a
headache... alrighty! ToOdLeZ! ~Jecka~