Not So Pretty

burn out
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2001-10-08 01:15:40 (UTC)

let's just call it..... blah

I'm pretty bored now, life's not getting any easier.... go
figure, life's not getting any worse either though. Oh
well, in a way it is.. from the whole incident that
happened with Josh that I know basically nothing about,
although I am his girlfriend. Oh well, I'll live I
suppose, I just wish that maybe sometimes he would maybe
call or something to let me know that he's okay. but
nooooo! I guess not. *sigh* I dunno why I'm writing here,
I know that no one wants to hear about what I'm thinking
about, cuz I know that I sure as hell don't. Maybe I'll
just chop off my head so I can't think anymore. YAY! but I
dunno. I guess I should go now, I just wanted to try out
this whole journal/diary thingy. it seemed Interesting.
too bad it's not anymore. oh well, I guess i'll be on my
way then... peace love and chicken grease! ~Jecka~


why can't you see that you are my child!?...why don't you
know that you are my mind!?

it's just system of a down, you'll get over it

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