as the Oval turns
2001-10-08 01:08:14 (UTC)

Kings and Priests, Pacey is NOT touching my VW...and I'll really miss Bill

Earlier today, I went to church with my friend T, and the
sermon was about kings and priests, and how Christians need
to figure out which they are and operate in that position
where God has called us. I really have to think about
that...I think that our pastor had a really good point when
he said that the church tends to try to make being
a "priest," or going into full-time ministry, more noble or
superior to doing something else that's not formally
ministry-related, which is so not right. It reminded me of
how I guess I'm different from Claudia and Jenna in the
respect that they both (esp. Jenna) feel called to be in
preaching or some kind of full-time ministry role. I don't
see that for my life. I don't think that it's a bad thing
to be a minister, but I don't think that God wants me to do
that. I can see myself talking to people, especially those
who are not Christians, about the truth of Jesus Christ,
and showing it in my actions. A good definition that my
pastor gave for priests and kings is this: priests provide
vision, kings provide provision. God definitely has me in
position as a king, at least for this season. I like to be
able to give of what I have when somebody needs it, whether
it's time, money, or whatever else I have.

After church, T and I went to the dining commons to eat.
Well, we get our food, and she's then like "hey Jaye, your
boy's here." So I'm all like "what boy?" So she's
like, "Pacey"...and there he is, with the some of the
Gigglies, Bill, HG and HG's gf "Lil'Bit" (I think that as
much as she comes up she now needs her own name :)).
Great. So we all sit together, and the subject of my car
came up. So Pacey was seriously like "I'm going to be
driving it sometimes." He was as serious as a heart
attack. I looked at him like he lost his natural mind. I
don't want him touching my VW, b/c I know how crappy he
drives using an automatic, so I can't imagine his driving
with a manual transmission. If it wasn't for the Lord
Himself, it would put fear in my heart. I don't want to
have to call my parents (since the car is in my dad's name
and they pay insurance on it) and tell them that Pacey
jacked up my car...especially when I'm technically not
supposed to let anyone borrow my car.

Later on today, I helped Bill move out of his dorm room to
move into a superdouble on the other side of campus. That
kind of sucks. I think that it'll be good b/c I see the
anointing on his life and I think that he can really touch
some lives on that side of campus. But still, he's been on
the same side as campus since we've been in college...we
lived in the same dorm freshman year, then last year he
lived in the dorm he's moving out of this year, and I lived
right down the street. It's weird for him not to be here
on this side of campus. Sure, I'll see him, but not as
much as I used to. Awww. Well, c'est la vie, I guess. So
anyhow, we shuttled his stuff in my car, and afterwards, he
really blessed me with $20, which covered gas money and a
lot more...I don't do stuff for that reason, so at first I
wasn't feeling keeping the money, but I feel that God is
really blessing me in that way. That's really cool :)