The Alias Files
2001-10-08 01:07:13 (UTC)

Some Things Will Never Be (Part I)

It all started Tuesday at breakfast in the commons. Just
my regular breakfast run before I go to my 11:00 class. I
was sitting alone and he just walked up to the table and
began talking. He introduced himself on the day that I
looked my worst. I had barely pulled my ass out of bed and
made it to breakfast. I looked and felt like crap. He
went to eat with his friends and to my surprise he came
back. We conversated for a while. I was so damn nervous
that I didn't even eat anything. There were a billion
thoughts going through my head. Wow, he's cool...he's
attractive...he's nice...What is he doing talking to me?

I remember telling him that I was taking 18 hours and he
was like, "dang, I need to call and check on you sometimes
to make sure that you don't have a nervous breakdown." I
gave him my number and didn't really think that he was
going to call me. (That's the pestimist in me kicking

Well I saw him again at breakfast on Wednesday and he said
that he tried to call me Tuesday night, but didn't get an
answer. (I knew I should have invested in call waiting,
but hey, no one calls me.) Then when I left the commons I
saw him again in the bookstore in the Hub. Well, I started
thinking to myself, maybe fate is telling me something.
Maybe he likes me, maybe he's attracted to me, or then
again maybe not. Well in the bookstore he was poking me
and being a little flirtatious.

I started wondering even more if he had a girlfriend,
because the thought arose in my mind that it would be cool
if we hooked up. I was telling my friend about it and she
said that if I wanted to know if he had a girlfriend then I
should ask. I knew he had a girlfriend, because 1.I've had
a crush on him since the beginning of the semester and
2.When I passed by his dorm while on the way to a friend's
dorm I said hello and he happened to be on the phone with
his girlfriend. That's adding injury to insult, eh?

Well Friday night I ventured to the boys dorm to watch a
movie with my ex-boyfriend, who is currently my friend.
Well, he came down from his room just as my new friend
walked in the door. Something possesed me to make up this
lie about having to go back to the dorm to get my cell
phone. My friend (ex-boyfriend) said that he wasn't coming
back downstairs to check me in, so I was fine with that.

Sabir invited me to his room to hang out and chill, and
that was fine too. He was preparing to work on his paper
and made the suggestion of me leaving so he could be in
peace. He insisted that I wasn't bothering him, but I felt
like I was. One of the residents needed a ride to the bus
station, so he gave him a ride. He asked if I'd like to
tag along and I didn't see anything wrong with it.
Strangely I trusted that he wasn't going to do anything
stupid. He opened the door for me, and that was sweet.
(See guys, chilvary is NOT dead.)