Dyke The Dog
2001-10-08 01:06:44 (UTC)

yo momma - the bitch smells

HaHa , Well... Hi ! My name is Sabina ; aka Scoreo, Freak,
Get the fuck out of my house..... you get the hint. LoL. So
welcome to my diary ! Im from Redwood City california....the
ghetto, unforntunatly I spent half my life here :( Anyway I
go to MAHS and spend my time being a loser with some other
losers. Just to acknwledge them well fuck that they know who
they are lol. So last night.... wow. Homecoming night , yeah!
I was so tired after the dance I spent 4 hours freaking
Vanessa. Vanessa is sometimes my bitch,sometimes my pimp
;)... in other words shes my best friend. We have the fucking
WEIRDEST coinsidences (sp). Check this : we have the same
birthday, Her moms name is Sabina , her dads name is Dale (so
is mine), she has my Spanish book from last year, and we have
the same Washer and Dryer !!!!!! Oh yeah and the Same exact
Schedual of classes. ever period lol.But seriously how weird
is that? We met on our birthday at freshman orientation. and
we didnt become really cose until about 2 months ago. We are
sophmores now.... and we spend every waking moment together.
weve gotten through sooooooo much together in these past two
months its incredible. we are so weirder then ever now....
too many inside jokes lol I will make a list dont worry. If
we were locked in a room together with nothing but bare walls
wed have fun never be bored (But eventually starve and die).
Wed be talking about eachothers mommas in every way and i
mean EVERY way lol. Out of nowehere vanessa will start
talking about how my momma didnt put out last night.By the
way you can call her V Pie. Anyway..... weve done some CRAZY
stuff. Yeah. But I love her and she's given confiedence I
never knew I could have. Thanks Vanessa !
GOING DOWN.... on me ;) - V pie
Yo Momma clit has arthritis - V Pie on Crack
Oh shit look how far my thong can go !!!-me last night
Me and yo momma Played Adam and eve last night - Aaron
Look at My Dress ! Ive been freak dancing all night..
Now what will people think of me ? - Myrl
ille Give you roses and shit - Mark
Im not Real - Luke
The walls are Squishy - tara Reid
The Yo Momma O meter : OH SHIT !
Thats the Spot !
HA !

thats enough for now I guess lol See ya.