The life of a hellraiser
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2001-10-08 00:58:33 (UTC)

Why I'll never set foot on Delsea Regional High School's football field or any other athletic field they have...

My sister, who is a freshman at Woodstown, plays in the
band since she's in the band she attends the football games
our school has. DUH! I haven't been to any of them so far
because they've all been away games, and I have no one to
take me to them. The game my sister went to this past
friday, however, was the exception. We had a football game
last friday night against Delsea at Delsea. You want to
know why I didn't go to that game? All right, ya dragged it
outa me, I'll tell you. I didn't go to the game at Delsea
because the people who attend Delsea Regional High School
are known to be tough. Yeah right, they're probably no
better than we are. I've heard some,not all, of the
students there tend to start fights. Well then that's a
chance I'm going to have to take sometimes. Knowing that
there will be cops at the football field, the chances of my
getting arrested are high, especially now that I'm 19.