Another Chapter In Life
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2000-11-10 02:00:25 (UTC)

November 09, 2000 Much to my..

November 09, 2000

Much to my surprise I heard from Joe again the same day I sent him
the email to apoligize for interrupting his work. He of course said
nothing about my email but yet he emailed me. I was excited, just
like always. Well, I quickly emailed him back but haven't heard from
him again since then. Its frustrating because I want to email him so
badly but I will hold out for as long as I possibly can.
It sounds so silly but when I close my eyes I can see his deep brown
eyes, see his beautiful smile and even hear his voice. I miss him so
much. I should have never agreed to get back with my husband. We were
in the process of a divorce and I should have just told him I don't
love him anymore and left it at that. Now it will be hard to get out
of this relationship.
My husband brings out the worst in me. He purposely makes me mad and
admits he does things to get me going. Call me stupid, but I don't
understand the point of doing that. We don't fight and argue all the
time or anything. I just basically have very little to do with him.
Frankly, I don't understand why he wants me so badly.

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