my diary
2001-10-07 22:45:09 (UTC)

life is so hard

i hate my life.Not to the extent that i would kill myself,
but enough to want to live a different life.All the people
at my school know i'm gay, but no one at my home does. It
gets so depressing because i can't talk to them about how i
feel or who i have a crush on, altho i probably couldent
talk to them if they did know, because they would feel
uncomfortable.oh by the way, i'm pretty positive now that
david(my crush) is gay :)) i'm so happy!I just cant
understand, that if he is gay why doesn't he tell me? Does
he not like me??I know he likes me to some extent because i
have caught him looking at me in band and english class!!!
Man he's so cute. i wish he would just tell me that he is
gay, so he woulden't have to act straight around his
friends. i would love to be his boyfriend ;).