2001-10-07 22:25:36 (UTC)

you spin me right 'round baby, right round, like a record baby..

Tiptoe. Tiptoe. Twirl. and dip. Slip until we can not sleep.
'Til hair tips sweep floors and spines give in.
'Til all we want is what we have.
and all we know is the Rhythm in our soles.

i went looking for you last night, you know. (Angeline.)
In and out. and in. to Warmth. begged and pleaded and let myself be
everything that i am not. she wanted to be saved.
she wanted to be saved. she wanted to be saved. she wants to be
saved. she wanted to be saved. (SHEWANTEDTOBESAVED)knowing they
wouldn't. couldn't. (shouldn't?) "i too was once lost like you" (-i
don't know, but it isn't mine) So we sit.
and scrape at the ground with our spoons. Knees cut and bloodily
bleeding. elbows too.
So much stronger than i. (you are.) and she. Oh Angeline.
Perhaps you do know the anwsers to all the questions you won't
Perhaps you know that she won't completely believe the sun has set
until she sees the morning.

always and forever. promise. forever and all ways.

what a tangled, tangled Beauty we once were.
Maybe she's screaming
simply because she's terrified
that one day
she won't be scared any more.

you used to hold me when i cried.
i still do.

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