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2001-10-07 22:19:59 (UTC)

whoa nelly!

It's sunday..i dont want to go to work tomorrow. For one it
is payroll monday...which is bad because i will have to
get up at like four to get everything done. But it is good
because we get paid this friday. I just hope not too much
was fucked up this weekend on paperwork...i didnt get any
calls from anyone!except c called to let me know she was
working tonite for s. god forbid s have to work over 25
hours this week. He told me the other day he hates people
that dont want to work...he must hate himself then.
I want to buy the nelly furtado and missy elliott
cd's. I have heard they are both good. My goal is to buy
alot of the old classic dvd's too. But that will probably
take forever cuz i have too many bills to pay. Since i am
on here constantly i never have time to read anymre either.
gotta go email awaits me...b

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