The UnEven Eye
2001-10-07 21:44:32 (UTC)


I burnt all of it. My pictures. i saved of everyone. I
killed all my friendships. No more of, all gone. I
feel lonely. I do. I don't care. At least none of them
can hurt me anymore. Thats what matters right?

The greatness of this emptyness. I do fit in well of it.
Lys even told me to leave. See. I can be hated. I do
find it amusing.

I have one person left. Yep Micket. But then I really
wonder if he is here, or not. Oh well. I suppose I can
destroy that too.

Well despite this great emptiness.I carry in my stomach
and heart.It will work out now. All better. I'm really
not in the mood to be hurt.

Thats all. I hate writing so many entries in one day. But
I have no one to talk too. So..