Blood and Chocolate
2001-10-07 21:17:39 (UTC)

Guess who kissed who last night . . .

Hey everyone
Sup ? Not much here! I just got off the phone with my
friend who went to homecoming ! She said it was ok , her
date was being an ass hole and showed up for dinner like 30
mins late ! What an ass! Then she said that he got all high
and drunk and she totally hates him now ! She also told me
these two girls we know lets call them R. and M. Kissed !
HAHA not once but twice ! How icky is that ! LOL and she
said that the kisses weren't pecks on the lips they were
like kiss kisses on the lips !!! ! ! ! ! ICKY ! haha ! I
can't believe it ! That is so nasty and funny as hell at
the same time ! haha ! But she said she thought that they
were either drunk or high ! which doesn't suprise me ! R
and M probably did each other at a party after the dance !
LOL ! ICKY ! JK they probably didn't but you never know !
Last night I got to talk to "red" haha ! I haven't talked
to him in like 2 weeks ! I was so happy to talk to him !
And I got to talk to his best friend Mike ! hehe ! They are
the coolest ! Well two of the coolest guys I know ! Right
after Chris! hehe ! I still need to talk to chris soon ! I
hope I see him tomorrow early during the day ! :)! That
would be good cause I need to talk to him ! :)! I am so
hyper!!!!!!! HEHE ! "Baby cause I'm a thug!!!!!! "
haha ! Great song by Trick Daddy !!!! haha ! Definately
its his baggy jeans that turn me on ! LOL ! Oh my friend Abi is
coming over in a little bit and we are going to go to church !So I
gotta make this last stuff quick ! I am thinking about changing the
title of my diary from " Inside Marissa's Head " to something like
" Locked in the padded room Known as my life" , or what else could I
change it too ?! HMMM ?! E-mail me with suggestions please ! thanks!
OMG and Hui is coming to church PatterWack next week ! PatterWack
goes to my church !I am so excited that will be so kickin !!!!!!! :)!
haha !Ok I really gotta bounce !