Chelle's Thoughts n' collections
2001-10-07 21:05:58 (UTC)

Time To Be Writing...

Hello Hello to yet another day of life with me.

i have done basically nothing today.
i did get up thismorning and bake cookies for my
family...and i think i took some "innapropriate" pics but
other than that ive done nothing of productive nature all

I guess this weekend i will be goin up to KSU to visit on
friday and checkin out the campus and stuff, since we dont
have school.
i have all 3 of my college visit days still...but no need
to use them on a place like kent state if i dont have to.
Ill save those for hopefully like toledo and illinois.

i dont have a whole lot to report on today.

lets see...Oh yes kevin(#2) apologized to was cute.
heh i wasnt mad or anything but it was all sweet n whatnot.
yay for him!

i think its funny that b "loves me" so much...yet doesnt
bother to talk to me for the last few days when there'z
been opportunity.
yeah ok tell me another one.
consider urself ruled not dealin with that shit

i still miss my lil man.
its ok though...ill be seein him. ;-) yay kev!

ummmm other than that...i think the most exciting thing
that happened was me and my daddy built the frame for the
hottub should be completed by next weekend or so
if we actually keep up this pace at it.
therez only so many nails ya can use before you get SICK
OF IT though.

oh yeah...i talked to my 2nd mom today. i love her to
death...shes neet.
she makes me laugh n doesnt flinch when i say someone looks
like a penis or something.
heh my mom would wig.

ah well im off for today
maybe more tomorrow...we'll see