Crazy life.....Crazy girl
2001-03-04 03:17:08 (UTC)

Today has been a long day of..

Today has been a long day of homework and thats about all I
have done! ZzzzzZzzzz I was suppose to go see "the Mexican"
last night with Justin, but i was sick, so that didn't
exactly work out. I hope we are gonna go see it some other
night! he and i talked on the phone for about an hour last
night about stupid stuff. It was really fun though beucase
we were just goofing off and hanging out together, even
though he wasn't here. I just don't know how to explain
it! :) aaaanyways, i got my Nsync tickets today! Wooohooo!
they were really good tickets too, and they are 22 rows off
the stage in the front...I guess they are prety damn good
for just the luck of the draw! I don't have much more to
say tonight, but if anything comes up withint the next
couple of hours, I'll keep you all posted! (as if anyone
actually is reading this! ha) *peace*