Little Bitca

Words spilling from my brain
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2001-10-07 20:04:18 (UTC)

Everything has a name

Well, at least if it's mine.
For example, that notebook i have in front of me is called
Clarke, and the TV remote is called Pancho...
Most of my stuffed animals, notebooks, pencils, pillows,
electronics...mostly everything has a name.
It's weird, i know. But if you haven't noticed i'm a WeIrD
little girl haha.
The things i don't name are the things i don't want to get
attatched to. Cause once i name them, they are not just one
pencil, or a notebook, they are Clarke, and Mack. My
things, ok now i'm just gonna scare anyone who is reading
this LoL.
Oh, yeah, and naming my school notebooks helped...i always
lost them, but once i named them i kinds took more care of
them and where i left them, so that was good.
Ok, i'm gonna stpo writing here...