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2001-10-07 19:57:10 (UTC)

~boy problems~

Yea well I'm gunna write in this diary onlee about my luv
life cuz my b/f knows the link 2 my other diary on
www.opendiary.com. and my username for that is 'im a stupid
Anyway my problem is that I'm going out w/ Wes I met him
through a friend and hooked up w/ him last sunday. He's
hott BBBRRRRR sexyness and He's in a punk band :) Well he
goes 2 a different skool and I onlee see him on the
weekends... Meanwhile at skool I met this 1 dude his names
Cj and brrr he's so cute :) he's gothic and really weird.
He's half asian half white. And I like him and It feels
weird cuz well I'm asian and I have never liked an asian
dude in my life and It would be all weird and stuff If I go
out w/ him. Yea well, his friend Adam told me that He likes
me too, but see he has a g/f, but he sayd that if his g/f
breaks up w/ him he'll go out w/ me. Yea and well he sorta
doesn't know I have a b/f and I dont plan on telling him.
So I dunno what to do. Me and Cj get along great we always
flirt back and forth which is weird assuming how were both
NOT single lol He's really nice 2 me and he always gives me
hugs whenever he sees me... this one time he gave me a
piggie back ride up the stairs that was fun :) Yea but
anyway I have never hung out w/ Wes b4 I went ovr 2 his
house twice and I never talked 2 him im like all quiet
around him and Its really weird cuz like I feel like I'm
gunna do or say sumthing stupid and embarrass myself but w/ Cj I can
totally be myself I dunno y that is. U know whats weird we think like
the same things cuz I think that hes to hott 2 go out w/ me and he
thinks that I'm to hott to go out w/ him and I told Heather that I
don't think we'll be going out very long and she sayd that he told
her that wants 2 go out for a long time but doesn't think we will,
Idn't that weird and like grrr I dunno well he sayd that next
week he'll be able 2 hang out w/ me cuz he'll be off
groundation and well I guess I'll hafta wait till then to
decide huh? and If sumthing comes up than I guess I have
nothing else to do but break up w/ his hott ass. Yea I
really think I like Cj more but thats onlee cuz I hardly
know Wes. And please don't tell me 2 be a player cuz thats
not nice at all well If any1 wants 2 IM me on aol IM my s/n
is satansmykitty byebye
Jesus luvs u!