Little Bitca

Words spilling from my brain
2001-10-07 19:53:18 (UTC)

Drumming lessons...

Last friday i went to my first lesson, i had never even
touched a drumset before LoL. It was really cool...the guy
teaching me saidi had the nack for it. He's from Argentina,
he has the coolest accent LoL.
I don't have drums in my house, but we're looking into
that...if i get one though i'll have to have it in my room
and take the computer out....NO0o!!!!!!!!!!!...LoL.
My dad got me my first drumsticks, i think i'm in love
with them! i take them everyhwere i yeah, people
stare at me, but they'd do it anyways so...haha. I named
them, one is Joshua, and one is Jonathan. It was gonna be
Jonathan and Zac, but...i think i'll name the drumset Zac.
(yes, i name my things LoL, i'll make an entry about that.)
I'm going into voice lessons too, i just don't know when,
probablly not untill next month.
I'm homescholing now! Gosh, everything i've had to do
seems quite easy untill now...if it is all like that, i'll
be done in no time!
This is the most diary-like thing i've done, describes
something i did...i guess it's not so bad, maybe i can keep
it up.