Ugly on the inside
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2001-10-07 19:23:00 (UTC)

Reel Big Fish + Goldfinger!

last night i went to the reel big fish and goldfinger
concert. Reel big fish kicked total ass (even though they
didn't play Trendy). During Goldfinger I got to go up on
stage and sing Mabel!!!!! the singer picked ME out of the
crowd and i jumped up on stage and during the song he stuck
the mic in my face and i got to sing! oh my god it was so
awesome. i was skanking on stage and going crazy. haha...
The night overall sucked though. Mr. I'm pretty (Kai) was
all over some girl which totally broke my heart. I didn't
see eric which was good BUT i saw angela. she was high and
smelled like cat food for some reason. (i'm thinking it was
the pot). anyways... i don't like to associate with people
who are high off their asses... its so fucking stupid. but
whatever. she eventually left. Cody was there, and i
realized how much i actually do miss him, but we won't have
a relationship. After the show, erin told me to meet her at
cumberland Farms. I was waiting there for over 45 mintues
and got scared that something happened to her. She
eventually showed up at like 1:55 am... oh my god i was
like sitting in my car crying because i didn't know what to
do. Eventually we ended up back at her house at like 2-
2:30. i left at 10... it was so fucking cold this morning.
it was like 36!!!! i hate maine. my car was soooooo cold.
it was so hard to drive home lol. the car hadn't heated up
yet. so here i am, lonely, sad, and heartbroken! score!
james and i are still not speaking. i haven't found a
homecoming dress.
but on the plus side, cody gave me a hot pink holographic
spiked bracelet! sooooooooo lindsay. the spikes are like 2
inches haha... it's beautiful and so sexy. haha.
school has been sucky.