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Emo Violence
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2001-10-07 18:34:22 (UTC)

Quick one

im making this one quick cause ben's picking me up any
minute, actualyl he was supposed to come a half hour ago,
but whatever, can i tell you how much im starting to hate
our kids, like the three star kids especially, how they aer
cliquey and are starting to hang with the crews and create
crews of their own? what the heck, didnt we fight this
enough? thats the last straw, seeing OUR kids turning to
the crew side, erienne makes me not want to know her, thats
crazy, woah, im loosing my mind, no one respects no one
deserves what we do for our scene, not that it could
survive with out Delaware but whatever, fuckin joe told
clint he hated me, said i was stupid, RIIGHT thats cause i
JUST met him friday night and he had come up with that
surmise a few weeks ago, what the fuck, he didnt even know
me AT ALL god damn im one of the few people who honestly
and truly supports junior, so everyneeds to shut the fuck
up because at least im fuckin tryin for our scene, god
damn. fuck that boy joe, he cant just turn around and bee
all liek cozy with me on friday, damn i was gonna go to
crossroads with him too, fuck that shit, that would have
been MAD dumb. ass hole.

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