2001-10-07 18:34:11 (UTC)

We are meeting next weekend in Aurora!

Dear Diary:

Robert and I are going to meet each other out in Aurora next weekend. I am going to take the Metra
train and he is going to meet me out at the Aurora
Metra Train station.

I can hardly wait and I am so excited. I am really
excited and he likes my pictures and thinks I am

We have so much in common. He feels like I do.
Our political views are so much a like.

I am so glad that we share similar views and
have so much in common.

He has helped me take off my mind off so much
here lately. I feel drawn to him for some reason.

I think it is his heart and soul that is unique.
His caring way and cry to be loved and accepted
for who and what he is, just as mine is.

It is as Fate and Destiny has bought us together.
Ah, hurry up Saturday and get here.

Love, AmericanIrishRose