An Angel's life
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2001-10-07 17:55:38 (UTC)

Yo Koolio Foolio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Diary and readers,
Hi how have you guys been?? Well I have been fine.
Few days ago I painted my nails red, white, and blue. (wow
big deal!!!!!) Yesterday I went to my great-aunts house and
my cousins came over. We ate dinner and scared the chickens.
(my aunt has chickens) Then once she left I played over the
next door neighbor's house and then we came back and played
at my aunts house. I also became the leader of my band at
school. (YEAH!!!) I probably bored the whole world already
about that but it is a pretty big deal to me.
You know what..... all I hear about is Harry Potter or
the terroism that happened to America. Harry Potter is cool
and I bet the author is very rich right now. Also the
terroism thing that happened to America was a big deal and
they always have to talk about it and they show that picture
of the twin towers all the time in the news!! I will never
forget about this but I wish things would just go back to
normal even though I know it will never happen.
Guess what! I discovered this hidden talent of mine
or my friend did. I was chatting with her online and she
asked me for ideas for a story that I think she wanted to
make and then I gave her all these cool ideas that I just
made up my head and she said WOW maybe you should make your
own story so I did and that reminds I still have the second
part to do of my story. Then I was chatting with her again
on a different day and I discovered I was a poetic person.
One of my worst subject is actually my best. I always
thought I will never be a good writer and I guess I was just
putting myself down. That proves you can do anything as long
as you put your own passion into it.
Well it's bye bye time!!! Come back you all!!!! You
never know when I will have actually have something stupid
to say.