2001-10-07 17:37:24 (UTC)

So far this day has been pretty..

So far this day has been pretty weird. I got up around
10:30 even though I thought it was like 12. I hate that.
When it's early and you think it's later. Just messes me up
a lot. Wow. Anyways, all I've done all day, well so far, is
watch the Disney channel. First one then two. I have two
Disney channels lol. Me, my sister, and her friend were
watching Rollie Pollie Olie or however you spell that. It
was sooo weird. First Rollie, I think that's his name, and
his friend Billy were like magnitized and stuff kept
getting attracted to them. So Billy fell into this blue car
thing and Rollie ran and the car followed. Then this grill
thing and chair followed behind and it was just so weird
and funny. Okay that was weird! From now on I won't write
absract stuff in my diary. Okay now what's been happening.
Hm... Well, I'm going to go skater! Lol, if you couldn't
tell by the opening saying "Skaterchic". I've liked
skateboarding since my sister dated this guy. It's just so
cool to watch and I wanna try it. I remember when my cousin
took my oldest sister's skateboard and started skating down
the street. She fell like the board flew out from under her
and she was like laughing. It was pretty funny. Anyways,
yesterday I found my zero tech deck (skateboards you use
with your fingers). It's awesome, it has like a white tiger
on it. I only bought it because 1. they were "in" and 2. it
had that tiger on it. Lol. Animal freak to the core here!
Anyways lol. Let's see now what else can I write about
skateboards ... Oh wow, getting distracked! Too many people
talking to me. Sheesh, and I thought I was unloved lol.
Okay, skateboards, ack!! They're iming me again. grrr.
There put up an away message :-) Okay, my friend greg
offered to teach me how to skateboard but I like this other
guy, whose name just happens to be the same, go figure
right? Anyways, I barely talk to greg so I don't know how
it'll work out and stuff. But but! I did get a pencil from
him lol. I cherish the small things of life okay!? So I
guess I'll just use some small talk. Trey, this guy my
sister talks to told me to just ask him questions but it's
like hooow, he's always with his friends and I'm just too
shy. I can only talk to guys I don't like. It so sucks.
Wow, I wrote a lot. And most of it's complaining about how
I don't have the guts to talk to a guy I like. Why do I
have to make the first move? Because he doesn't know you
duh. Grr. Okay well I'll get off of that topic now. Well, I
was just informed by my mommy (yes my mommy!) that we, the
united states, just bombed afganhistan(sp). This sucks. I
don't want a war. Terrorists are so stupid. They ruined our
nyc skyline! Okay more bitching lol. I just think this
whole thing is stupid. Why does there have to be hate in
the world? I'm no tree-hugger but why can't we all just get
along? What does it prove when you kill people? That you're
not a human being. You have no heart at all. Well, I think
this is long enough. I WAS having a good day, hopefully
it'll last, though the sky is looking pretty gray :(
I can't wait till Dr. Dre releases his new song "Killing
Osama Bin Laden" or something like that. LMAO it's going to
be good!