Electric monkey
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2001-10-07 17:29:59 (UTC)

10-07-01[sunday, canadian thanksgiving]

so im watching tv, watching america attack Afganistan.
doesnt look to good, and its just really weird. war, oh
man... =|
yeah.. so, yesterday was fun. graham came over then jessica
called and we all made plans to go to the park. so we went
to the park around 3, and played hacky sack. jessica and i
are the best at that! actually.. no, but still, its
awesome. then we all went to eat dinner at Opie Taylors
with jessicas family. and jessica's dad bought us ALL
dinner, that was very nice of him. well, 8 ppl, thats a
lot. yep. he just got back from las vegas. =) we left
jessicas family and then we all walked around downtown for
a bit, then went to borders. yep. after borders we made our
way to grahams house. where we sat in his room and listened
to music. then graham and i went to kroger to get some milk
for my mom. the end.
well, i dont really have much else to say. just sitting
here. wanting to eat lunch, but cant, cause i have a big
thanksgiving dinner waiting for me tonight. and i have to
eat. yep.
well, i guess im going to go now. i dont have anything else
to say. bye.