abby c

wow... that sucks
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2001-10-07 17:14:17 (UTC)

i hate this i hate missing ed..

i hate this

i hate missing ed and being with other guys to try to fill
the missing piece...... it doesn't work and it makes me
feel bad

last ngiht i went to adams and me n mark were together


i didn't kiss him...... btu we were still really close and all of
that.... all of that, ahh

i dont think it meant anything??? no!? ahhh i dont knwo why it would?
(reasons i will not explain)

ed.... i missed your surprise party, i ddint' want to go
because i dont think you'd wnat me too

you didn't miss me.

ahhhhh everythign is so questionable right now... i mean marc is a
greta guy... but i duno, with ed i like, melt and ebverythign is
perfect....... when thigns are perfect

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