The Ramblings Of Leer
2001-10-07 17:01:55 (UTC)

I was born with noone and with noone I will die

I sit on the edge of my bed, my blanket draped around me,
holding me like a mother cradles her child. My hoodie is
pulled over my head, sheltering me from everything around
me. The music plays softly in the background - Hurt by
NiN - how fitting to what I am feeling now. Picking up
the blade on my bedside, I flip it open and stare at it. I
imagine how it will feel as it slicess through my flesh,
cutting my veins. I feel my heart start to race, and tears
begin to fall down my cheeks. I begin to take deep breaths,
which I find difficult as I have someting in the back of my
throat. Putting the knife on my arm, I push it down,
running it down my arm until it made its way to my wrist.
It hurts, but I smile anyways. I see the blood rush out,
so much red, neverending. My head starts to spin, and I
know it will all be over soon. This thought brings me
peace. I lie down and close my eyes, waiting for the
ineveible to occur.