Indian Travels
2001-10-07 16:12:36 (UTC)

rocking the himalaya!

Defining adventure: to test the limits of your body and
soul while exploring untouched lands.
well, that pretty much describes what we went through
during the last week up in the himalayas. we decided on
tackling the Langtang region, famous for its variety in
landscape and just the right trail for ambitious,
overexcited young backpackers as us!
the first challenge was the bus ride up to Dhunche, I
remember all of us turning red, blue and green considered
we were granted the last row with the fifty liter tank of
gasoline between our legs that slowly dissolved during the
11-hour-torture. we only managed to improve our situation
by fighting our way up to the roof to join the twenty-or-so
nepalis that occupied the unofficial upper deck.
we enjoyed our last shower on 2000 meters and were eager to
show the world we were not doomed to spend the rest of our
life fighting numbers but could always switch to become a
nepalian mountain guide! the first day gave a taste of what
would lie ahead as we managed to climb 1.400 meter in one
day. only philipp (the only one that ever had touched these
heights) showed first signs of weakness and realized that
maybe his diarrhoee was not yet cured. havong enjoyed a
fine yak cheese (supposedly just as nice as "schweizer
kaese") we thought we should not be to hasty und slowly
acclimatize by targeting the next stop on 3.900 but coming
there we decided that we were fit enough to tackle another
one. well, one first big mistake, not only was the weather
awfull meaning we could hardly see more than 50 meter with
steady rain, Philipp's state didn't really improve and it
was hard to get him and his luggage up the next lodge
nearbz the holy lakes of Gosainkund what was only reached
at 4.480 meters. while christoph and christian were wasted
but still on their feet Philipp went straight to bed and
spent the night testing the local facilities. the next day -
still bad weather - was spent with reading, Philipp had
39,5 fever and we hoped to be able to move in either
direction the next day. thanks to a german ex-nurse and
their antibiotics we were all ready to tackle the pass on
4.600 meters the next day again without being able to
admire the tops around us. the next stop would have been
within reasonable distance had we not taken a fatal detour
along the 1992 crash site of the Thai Airlines plane. that
cost us 2,5 hours and made us fear to reach the safe lodge
at Ghopte. well, again surprisingly, we made it and found a
stay for the night under conditions that are hard to
describe. just think you were staying in a hat in the
middle of the last century - unbelievable! during the next
day, we found out, that maybe, we were not the super-heroes
on the mountain as were easily overtaken by some german
girls (well, they were sports students, but it was still
hard to take ...). whatever, we managed the three-hour
steady descent that was to be the first serious test for
our legs as walking down with a heavy backpack is the worst
you can think of. by now, we seriously started dreaming of
massages, proper food, a SHOWER and so on. at least, the
next day brought better weather and we could at least look
back at the mountain tops we had passed. the last day was
filled with pain as our legs were by now on strike but the
final destination, the bus leaving for Kathmandu, was
getting closer and kept us pushing.
guys, you don't know how much you value a shower after
seven days without one!!!
anyway, we back to the capital of Nepal we quickly
recovered and signed up for the next trip into the
Himalayas. tomorrow we start towards Phokara (west of
nepal) for three days of action-packed rafting. See You