your face won't stay like that
2001-10-07 16:01:02 (UTC)

the cursed spoon of oatmeal and why i am crazy

After yesterdays oatmeal incident things have been pretty
hectic. My mom told me i was really restless and should
graduate early from high school. It was kinda harsh to
hear her say that. She said she's worried about me. i am
worried about me too. Lately i've felt really crazy, i
never normally throw things at people. It may be just
stress. I feel really flighty and indecisive and tired. I
think im going crazy. for real. i am a little freaked
out. At school everythings so normal, people don't have an
idea. at home i start to freak out. i was thinking about
going to another country for my last year of high school.
you know get a little space, meet new people. i just need
to get out of here soon before i snap. well besides the
fact that my brain is falling apart things are ok. i
think. maybe.