What i was thinking...........
2001-10-07 15:41:05 (UTC)

yeah im bored

na na i got woke up at like 6 am bc my dog was barking and
wouldnt stop ....... i think my dog needs emergenys
suregery and i will preform it im going to take out his
voice box :) i have nothing to do damn living in a small
town sucks like really bad im gonna move in like 2 years
then everyone can come live with me wherever i may
go ............ im downloading songs as a form of amusement
but it isnt working very well ..... im like mad bored oh
and to top it all of we are out of tissues so i have noting
to blow my nose on damnit why cant the flu just go away im
debating poppin a copple of my flu pills and passing out
for a few hours cuz it would make me unbored for a little
while ya know....... i think my little sister also needs a
new brain bc she is mad fucked up .. i mean here i sit all
normal and stuff and shes allways being stupid and anoying
and never shuts up for anything or anyone ...ugh well im
out so plop