2001-10-07 15:40:34 (UTC)

Touch Me, Tease Me

Well here is yet another rap song that i am usin for the
song...Ive been gettin songs for Shari & thats the kinda
music she likes, so needless 2 say ive been kinda gettin
into that kinda music, not really but i like alot of the
songs shes gettin, most of the ones i like r from awhile
ago. Well i g2g to church now, so i mite write more if i
feel like it, wouldnt wanna dissapoint my fans.

Case F/ Foxy Brown
Touch Me, Tease Me

(What what, just keep me laced up,
Vanilla tracy, seasons Barcardi,
I slip this Rah he,
us go round the Doe'shae,
Garbana sippin pure zae with the ill na na,
And then we fuck around,
I had you and all your teasing your jones,
your royalties and your Pools,
so what the dill' is,
Foxy Brown and Case,
now we lace Bonnie and Clyde now making Jamaica,
breakn' all you paper)


You're the only one for me
You're the only one I need
Can't no body make me feel, the way you makin' me feel
And girl you know this love is real
(ooh oh oh oh)

Touch me tease me,
feel me and caress me
hold on tight and don't let go
baby I'm about to explode(oh yeah)
Cause all my love, I can't control (ooh)

I'll spend the night with you
If you promise you will do
All the things ti make me scream Baby,
you just what I'll need
Cause tonite you taste like icecream(hmm hmm hmm mm)

I wanna make you fall in love
Make you touch the stars above
Bring it down low and be my friend
I'll come back again and again
and again and again and again(oh oh oooh)

Can you feel me...comin' down

Foxy: what? Let me get that Lex,
lovin sex, what up in the Quarry'os flashin,
look at that Saturn Lobes and Laya Jets Coupes,
my one stackin, you didn't know that I be mack'n uh,
the extra set of keys, 30 gees,

Then trips to Beliz had had you lining on your knees Uh,
not to mention the laced out crib in Dallas
the 40 room palace that made you style this(uh)

(repeat 3 times)