The land of unknown
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2001-10-07 14:46:41 (UTC)


Mood: excited
Music: Rammstein "Zwitter"

oooooo. i had 2 sick ass dreams last night. they were
so cool. ok, the first, i can't remember quite how it
started. me and my family were at a restaurant. one of
those cheap half fast food and half real restaurant. but
the first thing i remember happening was it started
raining. but the rain was pure black. the clouds were
very dark and covered the whole world(this dream was
very apocalyptic). then after a few minutes, the earths
gravity started to lower. things got lighter until people
were jumping into the air and very slowly coming down.
it was kinda cool. but then some one(who i think was a
scientist or something) said that if the earth loses it's
gravity, the earths crust will not be able to hold together
correctly and a lot of it would give way. and so, the earth
started shaking. it was kind of a soft shake. but we all
started running from buildings. next thing i know, i'm out
in some feild with a bunch of other people. then this
dude gives me this big ass axe and a shield. then i
start following him. by this time it was thundering like
crazy. and reminded u of one of those modeling shows,
cuz of all the lightning going on. then, the ground
started to tear apart. we were in a flat field, but in no
time, it became very hilly. giant chunks of earth tore up
apart. ever watch DBZ? where they're powering up and
they totally fuck up the ground? it was kinda like that.
and some people were actually diving into the cracks
cuz the lightning and thunder was so bad. but then they
were falling too far in the cracks, and we know what's
below the earths crust. yea, haha. they got fried. it was
so fucking the end of the world. next thing i know, me
and the guys i was following were in some small town,
not as baddly dammaged by what was happening and
the leader of our little group was talking with some one.
it was cool. i felt like Ragnar from Rune. i had my axe
and shield placed on my back. and once we started
walking again, i just pulled them out. it so cool. but
once we started moving out to some destination, i woke
up. dammit. i didn't even find out where we were going.
this could've been a cool story if i had more details. if
i'm lucky, tonight, i'll pickup where i left off. my other
dream was a little longer, and so i won't put it in this
entry, but later i'll write it in.