*Rock Star*

In the head of a band-aid...
2001-10-07 14:44:59 (UTC)


Hello, diary, I am doing nothing but playing with rate-a-
buddy on AOL. I wish I could go somewhere, but have no
where to go, like always. Last night my plans were go and
promote Flickerstick, but no one would go with me, and I
think Ive done all I can with myself. So, hopefully, my
buddy will pull through today, and Ill get busy. If I hear
nothing by 11:00 am, Im doing it again, myself.
I am bored. I am starving too. I talkd to my friend
today, Val, from the band SparkleDrive. We often talk
about problems and solutions. I need a job bad, and we
were talking about that, I need to find another place to
live, that is just my OWN, and we talked about that. My
own room and roof. Then my boyfriend Michael, he brought
up getting a house together, and he is pretty wealthy, and
I was shocked when he said that, he is anti-commitment. He
does love me, and wants to be with me, and only me for a
long long ime, but he has been done wrong, and he doesnt
want us to end, I understand.
I need to eat, and play rate a buddy some more, then go to
uglypeople.com, look at those freaks, then dress, and
promote. No, I know what Ill do, record more demos in my
home studio later, always fun, and no one is home now to
yell at me and mess me up. I only record, home alone,
cause people are always talking, and banging on my door,
and they get on in with my vocals. Start all over, or my
mom will see what im doing, says "Im so proud of you, you
should do that for a career, your so good", anyways, Im
outta here. Love, Jen

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