.Scream Your Dream.

Emo Violence
2001-10-07 13:48:23 (UTC)

LAST Night

woah, so last night was pretty crazy, its sunday mornign at
9:42 im not at work, i actually got to sleep in, so its
cool, last night was pretty fun, not as fun as it couldve
been, but it was decent. we went to matts' heres who was
ryan (short time)

so yeah jarred was there and no alicia, we talked alot last
night, at the end, he was in will's back seat with his head
on my lap, i just played with his dreads and lightly
touched his ears (how is that not flirtingly sexual??) but
whatever, he needed to vent and he did, i wasnt about to
take advantage of the situation.

joe was being weird, yelling and giving me weird looks, so
i just pretty much walked out cause it was pissing me off
os bad.

ben and mom are MAJOR walking around, behind me and all, so
i guess im out.

all in all, NO i didnt hook up with jarred, and prolly next
weekend when we hang it will be at alicias party, i wouldnt
do that to her. finish later