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2001-03-04 01:15:03 (UTC)

I wantt to be happy. *sigh*..

I wantt to be happy. *sigh* Everyone I know seems to be
happy right now, and I'm not. Man, I know how to screw up
my life. Wonderful.
Oh, I feel poor with this trip to Europe. It's costing me
too much money that I don't have. whee.
I'll add an entry I tried to post yesterday, but the server
was down, if I ever find the entry/remember to post it
I'm not usually this depressed, but I guess I'm feeling
alone,seems not even my friends really are that supportive
or caring anymore. They seem to be in their own little
world with their boyfriends/girlfriends and such. Or they
just don't seem to care.
I know this is pessimistic, but I sometimes wonder if I
really do have friends, or if it's all a fascade. Oh well..

[Author's Note: Yes I am depressed, but the mood should
pass by tomorrow. No need to worry about my mental health.]

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