Karen & Austin~edd=11-15-01
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2001-10-07 10:50:31 (UTC)

Randy The Jerk

****The Maw's birthday is Thursday.She and my sister planned
my baby shower for me so I have to buy her something nice.
"Mom,can I have 60$ from my money?I want to go shopping with
Marie.Can you drop us off at the mall?"I owe her a lot.*****
Tomarrows entry should be juicy because Tara will meet
Randy.I wonder what adding bud smoker a concieded jerk
will = to.I'll tell it here if I find out.
Today my bf wants to introduce Tara to his version of an
old male Tara.I dont know wether to think ACK! or OH YEAH!
about that.Yay,Tara's a blunt blunt smoker who doesnt care
what comes out of her mouth.I love her style.Ack,combine a
walking penis like this guy with an attractive legal aged
bad ass.Randy is the most evil friend my bf has.He conciders
himself a Goth* yet hates piercings and tattoos.Did I
mention his shirts have frills?An example of this Randy's
arrogance is when I showed him my tattoo and he says"Im not
into that...It's a fairey?"Was he expecting a scull or a
naked chick perhaps,and talk about eago trips.Frilley sleves
are a big turn-off but I heald that comment in.Im expecting
Tara to crack on him all day until his ass goes home.
The first time I met Randy was like haveing the plague of
anoyance.He would not leave for anything and my bf wouldnt
send him away like he does his best friend Dan.I went to
sleep,woke up and he did leave but he took my bf with him.
That was such a pisser.My bf knows I hate that house yet he
still left me in it by myself.I have night terrors at his
house that I cant wake him up to save my life from ghosts or
murderers every time I sleep there.I cant blame Randy for my
bf's faults.I can blame Randy for not leaveing after haveing
9p pizza with us.We met him at like 10a.I had to refrain
from saying "God!Will you ever go home?"
In more people have found the need to protest
their beliefs,and damn others for mistakes they will
probably soon make themselves.Deep down I still have the
strong need to be viewed by others propperly so I keep
saying my feelings back to the users.I dont know
why what other people think of babies effects me so much.I'm
a protective parent who isnt even a parent yet.

Randy asked to see austin.After a while of telling frank no frank
told me he wanted to talk to me.I thought 'No way is this womanizeing
jurk even looking at my son.Hes an axsieness might rub off."Heres
what was said:

Randy:Karen,I wanted to see if I could stop by with frank to see
Me:Are you gay???
Randy:Ewww no(freaking out trying to laugh aquardly)
Me:Well if you try to come near my son I'll shove my foot so far up
your butt you'll be gay.
Randy:(a shocked click)
Frank:Karen!!!:OYou really upset him.
Me:I dont care.Nobody is disrespecting me as a female infront of
Heck,now I dont care what people think of me.No matter what I say
people set their own opinions and if they dont like me I dont know
them well enough to care what they think.

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