Screaming Cathedrals
2001-10-07 10:20:11 (UTC)


Well... I really need to update what's happened of late.

The housing authority thing for Jon didn't turn out as
expected. They told him it would be at least 7 months until
he could move in there.... and we found this out the
morning after the last night Jon was able to stay at my
house. (Thur. night, Fri. morning) being Sat. night-
Sun. morning.... I haven't gone to sleep yet.

Jon was really depressed.... and then today he talks to his
mother while he was at work.. and she pretty much
threatened to take away the truck from him.... which is
currently his home.

So... things seemed to be going downhill for him..

And then we got into this conversation... about how he
couldn't really handle the whole... "kinda sorta dating,
but not yet" thing... and it started because I said, "if we
start dating...." Instead of "When"....
And I get where he's coming from.. because he's putting his
feelings on the line and I'm not giving him any real hope
to go on... and hearing "if" really put him on edge.....
and made him paranoid.

So... I did make him a promise.. that when I'm ready to
start dating.. it will be to him. So.. it's no longer
an "if"... but a "When".


So... things started to getting better for him....

And then tonight... was the kicker...

Since we've been hanging out at IHOP, we've met some
wonderful people.. and it all started because we noticed a
guy sitting alone at a table and offered to let him sit
with us, so he wouldn't be lonely or anything.
He turned us down.. because he was waiting on someone...
but then the next night.. Ryan was there alone (waiting on
Jon and I).. and the same guy and his friend were there...
and they made the same offer to him...

So... we all ended sitting with eachother..and have done so
every night after that.

The guys are really awesome... Chris was the first one we
met, then ID, and also Jeff.

They are all reminders that there are still genuine and
good hearted people still in the world....
They all have great senses of humor, open minds, and very
intelligent things to say...

And tonight their kind nature shone.

ID asked me to come outside with him because he needed to
talk to me about something. I had no idea what he was going
to say next... but it went like this...
He told me that he wanted to offer Jon a place to stay.. in
an extra room he had in his house... and didn't know how to
go about doing it.
This threw me for a loop... I mean... I haven't experianced
this much kindness from anyone in a long time.
So... we talked for awhile about it... and I told him how
much this meant to me and would mean to Jon... and things...
So... he pulled Jon out there after we went back in and
asked him if he was up for it.
Of course Jon accepted.... and was greatful to the point of
being speachless.

Jon is in complete denial about his life actually taking a
turn for the better. Which, I don't blame him.. he hasn't
really had the best of luck before now.

Then.. to top it off... after ID and Chris leave... Jon,
myself.. and Jeff sat there for hours and talked... it's
6am and I just got home recently from sitting there talking
for so long...

And Jon mentions that he loves to play guitar... and Jeff
brings up the fact that he tried to take up playing guitar
last year.. bought this nice guitar and has it in his car..
but never plays it.. and usually just looks at it as a
reminder that he failed in learning to play it... so.. he
offers to give it to Jon.


So.. we go out there and look at the guitar.. and it's an
accoustic Ibanez... pearl inlays and all. It's a guitar
that Jon has been having wet dreams about all his life...

Jon pretty much almost passes out at this point... I mean..
Jesus.. after all the bad luck he's had.. and then tonight
being so great... he's just like... "Ummm... So this is
where I wake up, right?"

So... on the way home.. he seemed really quiet... and.. I
ask him what he's thinking...
And he basically thinks that things are just going TOO
good... like... his luck isn't allowed to be this good...
he's totally in shock.

Then... he hits me with... "Hun.... I think I'm going to
And I'm like... "huh?"
And he says that things are going to well in his life.. and
he just knows that when things start going well.. then he
just has to die... things just DON'T work out for him....
and brings up the intuition that he had a few days before
the world trade center bombing that something bad was going
to happen..
He says he has the same intuition now... that things are
going too good.... and something bad has to happen....
but.. I think it's just denial...
I hope so.
If he dies... I'll have to kill him.
I told him.. it's just that I'm the Fonz... and I want his
life to be better... so it has to be... and it's getting
So... yeah.. that's about it, folks... this turned out to
be a long post. I'll keep you updated on how things go...