inque nine/synthetic sour
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2001-10-07 09:15:56 (UTC)

doomie's turn to do a survey.

1. Name: doom/inque09/synthetic sour.

2. If there were 3 wells (love, beauty, and creativity) and
you could only drink from one of them, which one would you
choose? i'm already in love... and I believe im creative
(enough to satisfy me most of the time, anyway)... so I
would choose beauty. tho' i've never really thought
there's anything too bad with the way i look... s'long as i
had a bit of makeup on =P

3. Do you wish on stars? not lately... i used to, tho.
dunno y.. i've never believed in stuph like that.

4. Which finger is your favorite? i like em all, cuz i need
em to type.

5. What is the most disgusting food you've ever eaten?
malaysian (sorry Marvin!). It makes me literally sick
every time.

6. Would you kill someone? no.

7. When did you last cry? prolly some time before i had a
job... i felt like crying that day that weird guy was
stalking behnaz and we didnt know what to do tho...

8. If you were making a movie about yourself, who would
play the lead? i remember answering this ques. b4... what
was my answer? ... i think it was christina ricci (at least
that's what i put once... yall kno how many times these q's
are recycled).

9. What TV show or movie TITLE best describes your life?
RAW... hee hee hee.

10. Do you like your handwriting? yeah... i dun understand
y ppl have such a hard time w/ it, tho. =P

11. Who are you jealous of? jenn. and jo.

12. What is your #1 priority in life? love and freedom.
well waddya kno.. that was one o' my first ICQ names.

13. What is your favorite lunch meat? i dont eat meat.

14. Do you have any bad habits? my internet addiction.

15. Are you a friendly person? if i hafta be.

16. If you were another person, would you be friends with
yourself? prolly not.

17. Are you a daredevil? depends on the situation...

18. How big was the biggest mango you ever had? i only eat
dried mango.

19. Have you ever told a secret that you swore you wouldn't
repeat? not that i remember.. but i've probably done it.

20. What do you think is the most attractive animated
character? haruka or seiya from sailormoon =P

21. Do looks matter? sure, but they're not :all:
important. but a person's appearance does tell you at
least sth about them. if a person is dirty and doesnt look
like he's showered in months, and his clothes are ratty and
torn and leftovers from like, the 1940s, then he probably
has a careless and neglectful aspect to his personality.

22. Do you pray? no

23. Have you ever met anyone famous? yep.. i met bif
naked. rawr. and chin. but i guess non-canadians wont
know who im talkin about...

24. Do you think there is a pot of gold at the end of the
rainbow? there's no end to the rainbow.

25. What are your biggest fears? getting fired =| or not
bein able to pay rent.

26. What do you do to vent anger? be a bitch 2 everyone.

27. Are you passive or aggressive? passive

28. Who is your idol? i admire lots of ppl... then i take
all their admirable qualities and put em into one... to
create... SUPER PERSON!

29. Who is your second family? marvin. and just marvin.
and then maybe my pokemon.

30. Do you trust others easily? nah.

31. What was your favorite toy as a child? i had a bear and
a blankie. and i liked barbies too. typical...

32. What class in school do you think is totally useless?
Career and Personal Planning (capp... or as we called
it, 'crapp').

33. What is the punch-line to your favorite joke? any of
marvin's custom-made sex jokes.

34. Do you like sappy love songs? nope

35. Do you think your life so far has been good? no...
lately it hasn't been to bad. but it sucked up until the
whole move thing happened...

36. Which was your best Halloween costume? i dont
remember... i haven't dressed up in ages.

37. Have you ever been on radio or television? i dont think

38. Do you keep a diary? what do you think?!