inque nine/synthetic sour
2001-10-07 08:41:51 (UTC)

i can only move the distance of this chain.

i'm fighting sleep again. i've hardly had any chance 2 go
online like this lately. i kinda miss it.. altho it is
nice to be out there, and realize, hey, i'm not wasting my
life away.. =P

so yeah.. i'm getting used 2 work. i'm still not crazy
about waking up at a certain time each morning, but once
i'm out the door, tis much better. even 2day, when i was
in the store myself (heather was on her break), i was
thinking, i do like this job... it may b stupid... like...
just a job in the mall, but i'm in a jewelry shop, selling
and being around and working with things that actually
interest me.

i like heather as the boss tho... i've only spent one day
(and not even 1 day) w/ vivian, and so i'm still afraid of
her. =P but we'll see... at least behnaz'll be there.

n e wayz. i'm attempting to stretch my right lobe. the
original plan was 2 go to 4ga. but... marvin really
doesn't seem to like the idea much. i tried to make a
compromise, and told him i'd only go 2 8 ga, but even
that... seemed like 2 much 2 him. i guess he wanted me 2
stop at 10 (if at all). i dont know. i know i wont die or
be totally regretting n e thing if i dont ever get 2 4ga.
but i want to try this.. even if i stop at 6, or even 8...
i'm really just trying this for the experience. another
part of the compromise was that if he still din like my
ears at 8ga, i would take em out and let me shrink some
(assuming i have resilient ears like that =P).

anyway. a lotta the stuff i'm saying, i'm just repeating.
i wrote in my other diary b4 this one. i kno it's kinda
silly 2 keep 2 online diaries at once, but i'm determined
not 2 give this one up. and they're kinda different... i
dont think n e one reads this one, but i kno windy-chan
reads my other one, cuz i read hers too. so yeah... if, by
sum kind o' stroke o' luck, there's sum1 reading this and
yer curious, i'm also at diaryland. a direct link is . if u dun put
the index thingy, it wont go to the latest entry (but u can
see the newest one by either clicking on "newest" or the
archives button.. which, on my layout, i think is
called "older". but yeah. i gotta get some sleep... i get
2 sleep in '2morrow'... yayy...


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