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2001-10-07 08:28:16 (UTC)

it was actually a fun night

went out with nick, kasia, ash and adrian tonight (well
technically last night since its officially sunday right
now). but anyways, i wasnt really plannin on goin out with
them. i told ash i didnt wanna go out if its just gonna be
the four of them, but somehow, nick got to come out.

he phoned me up and told me to get ready cus they were
gonna come pick me up in 30 mins. he didnt even tell me
where we were gonna go and who was comin. he wouldnt let me
say no either. so basically i had no choice so i got ready
(shower, make-up and everything else) in like 20 mins!
thats like a record!!! actually n/m, that time cailin came
over, i got ready faster.

but anyways, when they got here and i saw who was in the
car, i got kinda pissed cus just as i thought, it was just
the 4 of them. but what was different this time was instead
of sitting at the back with adrian and ash, nick and kasia
told me to sit in the front with them.

we went to the movies, and when i was left alone with nick
and kasia, i told them the reason why i didnt wanna come. i
said i didnt wanna be stuck at the back seat again with ash
and adrian while they make out. basically i just told them
both everything ive been keepin from everyone. and thats
when they told me nick knew about it already, and thats why
they told me to sit at the front. they told me they knew
and they understood. and i thought that was so nice of them
to actually finally notice.

during the whole night, i never sat at the back, and i had
fun. i never got bored or felt left out sitting beside nick
and kasia. heh ... ash asked me when we got home what was up
with me sitting in the front, i just said i dunno. i told
her nick and kasia just wanted me to sit in the front :p heh

so the whole night was pretty much ok. the best one probly
out of all the times ive gone out with just them. kasia
said ash noticed i actually had fun this time. hmm ... i wonder if
she knows anything....

ok im outtie....