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2001-10-07 07:33:25 (UTC)

the weekend

well it was a sucky ass weekend i did not even get drunk
but i smoked my self silly! never again that was to much
well dan imed me tonight in aol it was cute we are going to
to hang out right when he gets back it sucks though the
girlfriend is coming up monday night and leaving tuesday
thats going to blow big time i just don't even want to see
her i never want to know what she looks like! i sound so
bad right now but there is no awat around it i love my
situation. well the best friend of his decided it would be
its okay but he stikk doesnt wthink its right. oh well went
to the wayside wiht andrea and then to the beta house it
all suckon friday then i wen over mike and lees and hung
out with chris and mike and adsm it was fun talk to tje dad
this mornig alls well. yeah. well besides that my roomate
is pissing me off she is being the bitch of america latly i
amso pissed there is many reason but i will get into those
tomorrow well i got to go.
current music: if your girl only new aaliya
mood: happy irratated!