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2001-10-07 07:32:01 (UTC)


I like him but can’t tell him
Want more but don’t want to make him uncomfortable
Can’t keep trying to control the situation
When it happens it will happen naturally or at least that
is what I am told
Why do I put myself through these kinda things
I have put myself in this situation before and look where
it got me
Nowhere but by myself, regretting things I did or didn’t do
Real love is out there but will I ever find it
Why do I try to control the situation
Afraid of being hurt or maybe being happy
Not to great at expressing my feelings whether happy or sad
Like people to think I am ok and have no worries
Why worry about my feelings when you have more important
things to think about like your bills
Downing myself comes naturally especially when it is in the
air as you pass peoples by
People say you shouldn’t be concerned about other peoples
comments but how do you ignore it when it comes from loved
The same people that say they love you are the main people
talking down to you
How are you supposed to find comfort in them when you are
sad and need a pick me up
Maybe I am a unhappy person but I deal with it on a day by
day basis
So I have decided that it is not necessary to tell him
I like things how they are now so why try to change it
This could be the first step of trying not to control the
Or is it a ploy to shy away from it
Until next time………

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