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2001-10-07 04:12:51 (UTC)

Moon my best friend of overseas - we ever have a friend anywhere we live

I couldn't send letter to my friend Moon.
So I used to review what I wrote and fix the mistakes
till the mailing become possible again.
I wrote her I'm thankfull she have been my friend.
Her cat is the best friend she has because it is near
from her than any people. And the cat really needs her
help. My friend Moon deserves what friends and life
gives to people are warm heart.
She is my nowadays friend of overseas that helps me.
Spending party of her time to don't let me alone in
the dark. Or to share the bright days of both countries.
I like cats and they shared their lifes with me for a long
time. Even when my days are lost, painfull or in mistake
they was there and had minded about my feelings. They
was thankfull to me and shared things with me. They saved
me. So I like my friend Moon because she loves the cat
she found. I know how neat are the cats and by this I know
how nice is my friend that cares about.
Nothing but this she is good as gold. Everything she did
was made with love.
Thanks Moon for being my friend.
Moon's cat take care of her so well as you cats better do.