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2001-10-07 07:09:11 (UTC)

Almost Died Last Night...

I was at a party last night. Turns out it was my buddy
James' biirthday. Andrew and I bought some Teachers Scotch
and drank over at his place. I remember that much. Then
waking up in the hospital.

Apparently I was witness to these guys trying to escape an
open liquor fine from a lady RCMP officer, then decided not
to go to the bar (or was that before the RCMP stuff?).
Anyway, I guess we were staying in and I got sick, threw up
a lot and went into convulsions (outside? inside on the
floor??) I was taken to the hospital by an ambulance and
they weren't sure I was going to make it. The nurse said I
had drank an entire quart of scotch, but I know that isn't
true because Andrew was drinking from it too. Did I try to
kill myself last night? My left hand is really sore, my
right one really swollen. I still haven't heard anything
from anyone that explains that. Maybe I should be glad I
don't know this stuff. My right hand just doesn't register
as being mine in my mind. It's been like that for most of
the day. This must be dissassociation. I've often
imagined what it was like from an ex of mine who had it all
the time - but I didn't think it would be like this.

Andrew came to the hospital this morning to pick me up,
make sure I was ok - made some breakfast for us at his
house - made sure I was ok to go home and ok to be on my
own for a while and stuff. I haven't known him for very
long. I met him through one of my soul brothers - Darren.
Andrew's a photographer/graphic designer/guitar player.
We've been working on putting a band together. I hope this
incident doesn't destroy anything regarding that. It's
funny - he said he wished he had had hhis camera there when
I was in convulsions as these paramedics struggled to get
my dying body secured in restrainst on a stretcher,
fighting to get an I.V. started, trying to get me into the
ambulance. I was completely unresponsive for over 12
hours. They said I had basically entered into a coma.

But he said it would have made a great shot...

Today was recovery/appreciate life day.
Watched Steve play with Coping at Chuggles. Dale and Steve
didn't make it back to crash afterwards in the end.

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