lost in the dark
2001-10-07 07:01:24 (UTC)

What friends are for...

Entry tonight what an experince. Brother had a nice chat
in the bathroom with Mr. John. I guess that it did not go
all that well the talk because Brother was giving Mr. John
everything that he ate today.
My Darkest Angel, for you tonight, I post this. I will
never lie to you in my life. You are as close to my heart
as Brother and Sister are. We have had talks before and
have talked about alot of stuff. Tonight, you coming to me
mad, but a little black spot on my heart. And for me to
repair it, and make you understand that I am still the
person that you know. I have had some issues to sort out. I
am sorry that things could not have turned out differently.
But, know this. The person that you were screaming at me
about will not be hurt. I plan on having a nice little talk
with that one. And I am not talking about Star, there is a
different sort of talk that I have to have with her.
Darkest Angel I hold you dear.
Well, Tonoght was ok. I started off the night in a mood.
I did not have much to drink. Maybee three beers and for me
that is not alot. I should have done what I was thinking
about doing right from the start. I am getting mixed Vibes
from the one that I want. Or I am just not reading them
right. I hope to be able to set things right in the
morning, or when I get up. The night ended off not to bad.
I got to see Star alittle on the drunk side. Comical to say
the least. Plus, having to take care and making sure that
Brother got home safe and sound.
Sitting there in the Taxi watching Brother almost snoring
beside me keep bring a smile to my face. It was not him
sluched there in the seat. But, it was what he told me that
I keep remembering. "I trust you more, Because you are my
brother". Now sitting here typing this out, I can honestly
say, Bring a tear too my eye is what happened. It is
strange that I can love a person this much that is not even
family related. Come to love as a brother more then some
brothers that I have. And the are 4 of them. This love that
I feel for Brother is almost as strong as the love that I
have for my Twin. Cheers to you Brother. Just remember that
if you are in need of me again I will drop everything to
help you out.
And that is what I did tonight. Sleep well, and may you
not wake with a headacke.
More to post later.

Lost in the Dark...

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