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2001-10-07 03:06:17 (UTC)

On the edge of a broken heart - they are really using her

Hej Romeo what are you doing with my girl
who are you using now
It is like the song
on the edge of a broken heart
from bon jovi
I really know now they are just using my friend. They
are standing by more than she can give them. And less
than she deserved to get.
It is real war I will only talk to my truly friends.
And act by heart. Or my heart will claim everynight I
see my friend being guiled.
Work is gooding very well althought all methods not
pratical. This Sunday morning going to courses to serve
the books.
My friend Mel I feel thankfull for her adored me in the
beginning of this year. I feel I need help her best friend
Carol too. I was forgeting her because she is much stable.
Maybe if I stylize my hair it helps the concept of major
friendship guy.
The new day will be much better than this last and things
will be true. The ankle bracelet I get for Carol is with
her now. She asked it tonight because Mel said her I gave
one. In really Mel asked for bracelet I ever get for her.
I turning around the wheel. I take back my life.
Thanks God
To save my friends of this worst world without warm heart
I deserved to be with my best friends Angels.