lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2001-10-07 05:39:42 (UTC)

if i close my eyes, they can't see me...

that's totally my theory of life. sometimes i just want
people to go away, so i pretend to fall asleep. like
today, i was chillin on the beach and sometimes you just
don't need certain things around you, ya know? so i
pretended i as taking a nap. this ended up sparking
conversation instead. greeeeaaaat.

today was cool though. i woke up and within 60 seconds, i
was literally gone. it's kinda cool to know that if i ever
really need to, i can leave my house within a minute. i'm
also glad i don't wear makeup...haha today was one of the
reasons...i wouldn't want people to not recognize me w/o
it. haha.

so yeah after the beach this morning, i came home and sat
and iced and did homework. great fun. then the hendogs &
big kid came over and it was cool. then meghan came over.
it was cool this whole time, ok? yeaaaah. we're all mad
ballers. errr something. i think.

oh yeah and i was kinda sad this morning cuz ya know it's
been a tough time for a kid like me...but i got home and
got an email from seeca and it totally made my day. not
like it made sunshine appear or anything...but it just
warmed my soul a little bit to know that seeca is praying
for me and to hear what God's teaching her. i love talking
about that kind of stufff...truly good.